Easy installation with high reliability: The size of the inner and outer diameter of the pipe and fittings is important for their proper bonding. When fitted, pipes and fittings can be easily connected / Slightly flush coefficient: The smooth inner wall of PVC pipes makes the flow of fluid smoother / Strength: excessive use of materials such as calcium carbonate The pipe and fittings are fragile and can withstand external pressure / PVC tubes have a very high external pressure tolerance, with a percentage of pure PVC materials of more than 85% / Fire resistance Polyvinyl chloride is inherently anti-fire. It is hard to ignite and stops burning when the heat source goes away. This material is better than other polymers in terms of flammability and flame spread. Corrosion resistance: PVC pipes and fittings with acids / bases / bacteria as well as more chemicals in sewage and soil. No reaction / long life: The life span of the tube and the joints of the UvVC are about 100 years old and will not be affected by its surface bonding between the pipe and its connection.