Easy installation with high reliability

The size of the inner and outer diameter of the pipe and fittings is important for their proper bonding. When fitted, pipes and fittings can be easily connected .

Slight friction coefficient

The flat interior wall of the PVC pipes makes the flow of the fluid smoother.

Impermeable connection

PVC pipe and fittings raw materials should be of high quality and high purity. Otherwise, the pipe and fittings are not well connected in their fastener type and cause water and sewage leakage.


PVC tubes have a very high external pressure tolerance if they have a percentage of pure PVC materials of more than 85% and otherwise they are overused by materials such as calcium carbonate pipes and brittle fittings, and Loss of external pressure.

Fire resistance

PVC polymer is inherently anti-fire. It is hard to ignite and stops burning when the heat source goes away. Compared with other polymers, this material is superior to flame ignition and flame spread.

Corrosion resistance

PVC pipes and fittings do not react with acids / bases / bacteria, as well as most of the chemicals in the sewage and soil.
Long lifespan
The life span of the pipe and the UPVC fittings are about 100 years old and will not be affected by its surface bonding between the pipe and its connection.


Engel’s UPVC pipes and fittings

Standard Description
ISIRI 9119-1 This is a standard for drainage and wastewater disposal.
ISIRI 12142-1 This standard is for use in the transport of rainwater (drains).
ISIRI 9118 This standard is for the discharge of groundwater sewage without pressure.
ISIRI 9116 This standard is for burial intubation in the soil for sewage and drainage applications.
ISIRI 13361 This standard is for buried pipes in soil for water and sewage applications.
ISIRI 11105 This standard is for electrical and telecommunication purposes for cable transmission.

Engel UPVC pipes and fittings certificates


Technical Certification of Housing and Urban Development Research Center