About Engel

ENGEL has been producing and marketing products for several consecutive years, according to the German standard EN1329.DIN. Following the development of the National Standard for Iran’s Connections (ISIRI9119) UPVC, the company was able to become one of the first holders of this certificate, based on the expertise of its experienced experts and experts. In 2005, with the aim of increasing production capacity and improving the quality of products, they began to modify the replacement and increase their production lines. After one year, the company launched its first phase of development according to the demand and demand of consumers throughout the country. The production of UPVC pipes was a project that was launched in 2006 in Isfahan Industrial Zone. The next step was to create a UPVC adhesive to perfect the product portfolio.The study was launched in 2009 by the ENGEL research and development unit. After a year of research and consulting with the most reputable glue manufacturing companies in Europe, this unit was able to introduce Ingel adhesive in the second half of 2010 to become the first Iranian company specializing in the production of pipes and fittings UPVC to produce this type Glue I am now pleased that we have been able to distribute products of high quality and in accordance with international production standards with the help of God’s Almighty God, and distributed by more than two hundred exclusive agents and agents throughout our vast territory. We hope that in the coming years, in line with long-term development plans, we will be able to offer a variety of new products and ensure quality in building facilities.