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Strength to high weight, light weight

Strength to high weight, light weight

The high strength of U-PVC minimizes the thickness and lightness of these pipes. U-PVC tubes have a remarkable lightweight, which is considered an important safety aspect. Easy transportation, minimizing work damage and facilitating cheaper installation and shipping.

One person can easily carry two 6-meter pipes of 110, but can only carry less than 1.5 meters of iron pipe 110 with the same force.

High chemical resistance in UPVC pipe

High chemical resistance in UPVC pipe:

PVC is resistant to many non-aromatic alcohols, oils and petroleum products. It is also resistant to most corrosive substances such as inorganic acids, salts and salts. For commonly used water supplies, U-PVC pipes are completely resistant to chemicals in the soil and water.

The issue of chemical resistance is raised only when there are abnormal conditions or used to transfer chemicals.